The Women of Horror February - Tamara Glynn

The Women of Horror February - Tamara Glynn

To put it frankly, Tamara Glynn is a blonde bombshell, the veritable definition of what we look for in female horror characters. Fans fondly remember her feature film debut as the sexually naïve Samantha Thomas in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. In this sequel, Tamara had audience members drooling over her red lingerie and “come and get me” eye makeup. However her history with horror didn’t begin or end there, and her striking beauty is merely one aspect of her arsenal. From humble beginnings and early aspirations, to a career behind the camera, Ms. Glynn proved to be a “jack of all trades” in the film industry. Take a journey with me as we discover the intriguing past, present, and future of this ravishing scream queen.

Ms. Glynn has a voice that immediately sets you at ease. It can be quite intimidating to speak with an actress that you’ve publicly admired, but her comfortable voice and laid back attitude is instantly contagious. Small town beginnings have become something of a theme amongst actresses and Tamara is no exception. Growing up in Arkansas, the jewel of America’s Bible belt, it seems deliciously ironic that she would soon catch her big break in Horror. A spot on the church choir seems to have spurred on a passion for performance that lead to modeling and an unbridled desire to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. That is until a financially wise Tamara learned that those glamourous ladies were not glamorously reimbursed. A modeling convention would ultimately land her in LA to read for a potential agent. From there the sky was the limit for the beautiful, healthy starlet.

While her television roles in the late 80s included such heavy hitters as Knots Landing, Miami Vice, and Growing Pains; Tamara’s role in Freddy’s Nightmares marks the beginning of a long relationship with the horror genre. In season 1 episode 17 “Love Stinks” Tamara plays the girlfriend of Adam (John Washington) whose infidelity has cursed him with an obsessive third wheel. It wasn’t a starring role by any stretch of the imagination, but a shape loomed just beyond in the shadows. A legendary force had been resurrected once again. A force with a penchant for the flesh of healthy young babysitters.

During the filming of the series finale episode of Miami Vice, Ms. Glynn would receive word that she was being considered for a role in the newest Halloween film. Being an admitted fan of the franchise, and the prospect of her first feature film before her, she was understandably eager. On a jet bound for Salt Lake City Utah, where Halloween 5 was to be filmed, I can only imagine the airsick combination of fear and excitement she felt. The rest is history amongst fervent fans, as this film would go down in the archives as a solid and sexy sequel. Offering a little taste for every sect of the franchise enthusiasts. A definite talking point if I’ve ever heard one. “You are an actress? What have I seen you in?” Let’s be honest if you have cable you’ve seen Halloween 5, and Tamara will always have that ace up her sleeve. At boring summer barbecues and holiday outings she is packing the very definition of a conversation starter.

The Tamara I caught up with was a women on the move; juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, an annual horror convention, her acting career, and her work behind the scenes. A forthcoming film, “The Possessed”, is eagerly anticipated later in 2017. Tamara will portray the character Dr. Tabitha Lavey, but understandably she was cautious about revealing any further details. The continued success of The Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival and Ms. Glynn’s production company are tell-tale signs of her dedication and commitment to her career. If you asked for my opinions upon speaking with Tamara I would tell you this brief story: When a genuinely concerned Tamara called immediately following our interview I was stunned, she knew I had been unfamiliar with the recording software and was just making sure everything had come out alright. That candid moment demonstrated that she is a real “class act”, in every sense of the expression, verifying that I got the recording and willing to do it again if I hadn’t. Our continued conversation “off the record” brought the story of her college aged son calling home to tell his mother he needed a Michael Myers costume for a Halloween party. Her excited retelling was adorable, a mother getting that smidge of validation from her child. The cherished knowledge that something she had done in her youth was indeed “cool.” A banner moment in any parent’s life.

A special thank you to Tamara Glynn for taking a chance on a random inquiry, and also for making my first celebrity interview as painless as possible. Please refer to the IMDB page for all the latest news on “The Possessed” and keep an eye out for the official release date. If you’d like to see more of Tamara right now, the short film “Howl of a Good Time” is highly recommended. This amazing film was accomplished by utilizing the talents that flock to the above mentioned film festival in Arkansas. It is both witty and disturbing, a dangerous combination. Give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts. (The Possessed 2017)

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