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Slumber Party Massacre (1987) - Lance's Cheesy Reviews


Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

Review by Lance Dale



Rating:  4/5 Juds


Have you ever been watching the movie Grease and thought, “I wish they would swap out this car racing nonsense with a murder guitar rampage” or “I wish John Travolta was a little more murdery”. If so, you just might be a fan of the 1987 slasher, Slumber Party Massacre II.

This movie was written and directed by Deborah Brock and cranked up the insanity of the first movie to eleven. Part one was the fuse but this one is the dynamite. If you haven’t seen the first one, don’t worry. There is a quick 30 second recap of drillin’ and killin’ to get you up to speed. While there is a plot, it’s not necessarily needed when you have a sweet ass power drill guitar wielded by an Andrew Dice Clay lookalike. If there is one thing this movie excels at, it’s being metal as fuck.

The story follows a girl named Courtney, who survived the events from the first movie. She plays in an all-girl band, which pumps out tunes that sound similar to The Bangles. One of her bandmate’s parents own a secluded condo which the girls travel to for a fun weekend of drinking, dancing, and pillow fights. (They actually get into pillow fights.) A few horny dudes show up to crash the party which sets the stage for the massacre implied in the title.

The first half of the movie moves a little slow in parts. Courtney has all kinds of unexplained hallucinations. Shit gets a little crazy when she is violently assaulted by a grease spewing rotisserie chicken, she finds random severed hand in her hamburger, and her friend grows a softball sized pimple which explodes at her like vomit from The Exorcist. While this stuff is fun, the party really kicks into effect a little after the halfway mark. This is when we are introduced to Andrew Dice Slay. (He’s credited as the Driller Killer, but Andrew Dice Slay is a much better name. You can even shorten it to “The Slice Man”. Opportunities were missed.) The Slice Man shows up out of nowhere and proceeds to dance and drill his way through the party goers with the help of his murder guitar. You never really get an explanation as to who he is, where he came from, but he looks like a 50s greaser. His guitar is possibly the most metal thing ever envisioned. It is basically made of jagged points and the top is a huge power drill, which allows him to commit horrific crimes and shred sick solos at the same time. If there’s one thing The Slice Man loves more than dancing and killing, it’s multitasking. Seriously, why are there not more movies with this guy!? The world needs more Slice Man.

This movie is pretty short and clocks in at 75 minutes. You can actually watch it twice in the time it took to read this review. It’s got a lot of great practical effects and is a must watch for any 80s horror fan. It can currently be found on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

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I love this movie, I own all of them but this one is my fave. The driller killer rules!!!


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